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Dozer Day® takes an army of volunteers! The Nutter Foundation needs your help and appreciates your service to the community by volunteering at Dozer Day® (background check required).

Non-profit groups! Serve your community and fund your next project by taking advantage of the new Dozer Day® Volunteer Compensation Program.  If you are a non-profit group with members 14 years old or older, we invite you to take advantage of the following opportunity:

1 shift = $25 donation/per person
2 shifts = $55 donation/per person
3 shifts = $150 donation/per person

Saturday Shifts: 8-12:30 and/or 12-4:30

Sunday Shift: 10:15-5:00

Guidelines for the Dozer Day® Volunteer Compensation Program:

-Must be a non-profit group with members 14 years old or older
-Minimum of 10 volunteers
-1 adult for every 5 junior volunteers (14 years old +)
-May 1st registration deadline
-Donations will be paid to the non-profit organization directly (not to individuals)
-Contact to be registered into this program and receive instructions