Volunteering for Dozer Day®

The success behind Dozer Day® Vancouver is its crew of volunteers!

General Volunteers

Anyone with a desire to serve their community is invited to volunteer at Dozer Day®!


✓  All volunteers must be 14+ years of age
✓  Positive and friendly demeanor
✓  Desire to give back to the community


✓  Free lunch and refreshments

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Equipment Operators

Not all heroes wear capes, they also wear hard hats. Operators are the heroes of Dozer Day®!


✓  Experience operating heavy machinery
✓  Safety First mentality
✓  Desire to give back to the community


✓  4-pack of Dozer Day® tickets
✓  Free chiropractic assessment, x-rays, and one adjustment. Value: $500
✓  Free meal from Old Spaghetti Factory (for every 2 shifts worked)

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Group Volunteer Grants

Groups can earn grants for their organization by spending the weekend (1-4 shifts available) at Dozer Day®.


✓  Not-for-profit organization
✓  All volunteers must be 14+ years of age
✓  Assign a designated Group Lead


✓  Free lunch and refreshments

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Thousands of smiling faces are counting on you so please arrive on time.
  • Check-in at the Volunteer Tent directly East of the front entrance.
  • Once you check in, you will receive a safety vest.
  • Attend a safety meeting and task assignment.
  • After your shift, please sign out at the Volunteer Tent and return your vest.
Will I need to pay for parking if I'm volunteering?

You will not need to pay for parking as a volunteer at Dozer Day®. Our Volunteer Coordinator will send you day-of instructions and a parking pass before the Dozer Day® weekend.

Will food be provided?

We provide our Dozer Day® volunteers with lunch on both event days. Please know we strive to offer options with common dietary restrictions in-mind.

What's the best piece of advice for new volunteers?

Any time you have questions you don’t know the answer to, please find a volunteer in a Blue Vest.

Prepare for the elements: Don’t forget your  sunblock, water, hats, jackets, and other items to ensure personal comfort. 

What should I wear?

Please dress for the forecasted weather and wear comfortable shoes for standing/walking. While we don’t have a dress code, it is recommended that volunteers dress for the family-friendly occasion.

I require an ADA accommodation, what should I do?

We are happy to offer volunteer opportunities to individuals of varying abilities. Please let us know if you need accommodations so we can accommodate your preferred shift placement before your arrival at Dozer Day®. Email the Volunteer Coordinator. 

Did You Know?

It takes at least 24,400 volunteer hours every year to make Dozer Day® Vancouver an exciting and safe event.