A "Nutter" Way Dozer Day® Gives Back


$2.2+ Million

240+ Organizations

Nonprofit Grants

If you’re a nonprofit, you may be eligible for free or reduced Dozer Day® Vancouver tickets. The Nutter Family Foundation is also proud to offer grants to nonprofits, education and workforce organizations, and other charitable causes.

Before applying, please locate your tax identification number and include an upload of your request on your organization’s letterhead. 

Please note: We strive to make our application accessible, in an effort to mitigate costs associated with hiring a grant writer. 

“Dozer Day®’s Group Grant Program has helped provide uniforms, supplies, and equipment for students in our Criminal Justice Program. These funds have also supported our students in being able to participate in other community volunteer programs such as Skills USA Competitions and the Mock Trial District and State Tournaments.”

-Tony Shaver
Instructor, Cascadia Technical Academy